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([personal profile] unnique Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:23 pm)
Clearly I have, because Karma's been after me since Friday.

1) Buster, my Sacred Birman cat, developed trouble with his peeing on Thursday night. Ten thousand trips to the litterbox, a few drops each time. Same Friday morning. Otherwise, he was in top shape. Called the vet, vet said bring him in at once. I was alone at work, so had a friend (who has keys to my flat) zip over and take Buster to the vet. Who found an empty bladder (thank goodness, no obstructions!), no obvious irritations, inflammations, etc., and gave the cat a shot of antibiotics in the bum and declared "special food" for this cat, too. Sigh.

2) My bike broke down! Some tiny cogwheel inside the back wheel hub, something the bike doc only sees maybe once a year. Of course that had to be me. Grah. Had to get a (big) taxi to take bike and me to the bike shop, seeing as I was stranded downtown.

3) I got a cold. Like, MAJOR owies in the throat Friday night. All night. Until morning and then through Saturday. Got some stuff at the chemist's that lowered the pain. Now my nose is clogging up. Whee.

4) My laundry machine is breaking down. Very bad noises coming, it's too old for warranty fixes, so getting a repair person involved is a total gamble. If it can be fixed, it'll cost X money (lots). If it can't be fixed, it'll cost me a new machine PLUS the fee for repair person to come over and look at the old machine. These fees are brutal. So I went online and bought a new machine, to be delivered on August 1st. I can't be arsed to deal with expensive and probably sloooow repair wossnames.

This summer is just so dang expensive! Both cats getting sick with whatever (must take Laban to the vet in a week or two to check his liver thingies), bike breakdown, laundry machine, flowers and flower boxes for my "garden", and just grah.

At least my summer holiday started on Friday. And the weather is, finally, summerly. I am tanned! It is hot! And the new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is SO. AWESOME.

Thanks to the weather and the holiday start, 1-4 above have not managed to turn my mood into a vinegar factory. Norwegians are easy to please. :)
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([personal profile] unnique Jul. 19th, 2017 12:19 am)
Years and years and more years reading fanfic. All the porn. Or pr0n, as it was called back in the day. And I still can't get used to how they keep saying their partners' names during the act. Repeatedly. Like it's some sort of sex mantra. It's weird, is what it is! @_@
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([personal profile] unnique Jul. 18th, 2017 11:52 am)
This summer I am getting all the visits! Cousins and cousin's exes and old old friends and my mom! Okay, so mom visits every summer, but the others not so much. It's lovely to get all these guests, but also a wee shock to my introvert hermit's system. The cats love it, begging for snacks and affections shamelessly. They get the latter, but not the former on account of vet's orders. Poor sods.

The annual St Olav festival is soon upon us, I should get moving on the ticket purchases. Am feeling lazy, though. Tomorrow. Maybe.

The new Spiderman movie is glorious. I have now seen it three times at the cinema, and it was worth all those three times. It brought the fun and laughs back to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), something it desperately needed after Captain America: Civil War kinda broke the Avengers. (Like the Hulk kinda broke Harlem.) The new Spiderman is so precious. A 15 year old kid, not elegant, not smooth, zero game, utter dork and super sweet. I just want to put him in my pocket, take him home and feed him. The interaction with Tony Stark is also great, and I am very much relieved that it was just enough, not too much. This is Spiderman's movie, after all. And the bad guy, Michael Keaton, oh my word. Fantastic! He's becoming more and more Jack Nicholson-like, in a very good way. The Vulture is a bad guy we can understand and sympathise with, unlike Ultron and Thanos and Red Skull and such. The Vulture is an unpowered human with a very honest grudge, a real background; like the Kindpin from the Daredevil TV series - but more likeable! There are of course also a ton of candy for the fans. I don't follow the comics, but I have seen all the movies and TV series since 2008. And I have read metric craptonnes of fanfic. So yes, I get to notice lovely little non-plotty fan candies, like Principal M*****. ♥
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