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Name:Musical The Prince of Tennis
Website:Musical The Prince of Tennis: Official website
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Prince of Tennis musicals; facts, fiction, actors, squee
This is a community for fans of the musicals based on the Prince of Tennis manga. Here you can talk about the musicals, the actors, post fanfic and all that other fannish stuff that makes a fandom tick.


1. Stay on topic. This place is for the musicals; the manga and anime should be discussed over at [community profile] princeoftennis.

2. No spam, please. Posts judged to be spam will be deleted immediately and without warning.

3. Be nice to the other members and keep a positive attitude. The musicals have fans from all over the world; not all of us will be fluent in English and we'll have different cultural backgrounds. What is obvious to me will not necessarily be obvious to you, and vice versa.

4. All media posts must be friendslocked. Sharing is a fantastic thing that has made the Tenimyu/PoT fandom what it is today (HUGE!), but it stays under lock and key on this comm.

5. Fic and images must be posted behind a cut-tag.

6. Have fun! :D

Disclaimer: This community is 100% fanmade and fandriven. It is in no way affiliated with Nelke, MMV or anything remotely official. It is a place for fans to gather and share the fun, nothing more, nothing less.
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