So far, there hasn't been much action over here. We're not many members, so that makes sense. Since I am currently in Japan and have been to see the current run of Tenimyu, I thought I'd share my posts on the subject. They're at my journal, and they are chock-full of spoilers, so be warned. These posts have not been purified for community purposes. ;)

First impressions

A random observation

Third time's the charm

I have bought some of the merchandise; photosets of Rikkai and Shitenhouji A, clearfiles and the pamphlet. I'm plotting to scan these when I get back home, but I make no promises about the pamphlet. I'm not sure I can make myself bend it that much. ;; The postcard/photobooklets that come with the complete photosets, on the other hand, are quite scannable! :D
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From: [personal profile] manders

Ooh, thank you for sharing all of this! I haven't had the money lately to keep up with TeniMyu - thank God Higa's run is over, because I would bankrupt myself for them, I'm sure - but your reports are hilarious.

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